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Q: Is my item worth repairing?
A: Some items are worth repairing while others are not. Once our technicians have a chance to look at the item, we can always determine if it is worth fixing.

Q: My TV was working last night, but I cannot turn it on now.
A: Most people think the power on/off switch is defected. There are different things that can cause this problem. However, defective power regulators and horizontal circuits are usual suspects. This problem in general and is repairable.

Q: My TV has one thin, straight color line across in the middle.
A: No, 99% of the picture tube is good, but the TV vertical deflection circuit has failed, and it can be repaired. Mistakenly, many TV owners tend to think their picture tube is bad.

Q: My TV is a couple of years old, when I turn it on there is no picture.
A: If there is no picture, then it could either be a video, audio circuit boards, or power supply sources problem. We have found that a very small fraction of TV repairs involve a bad picture tube.

Q: How likely is it that my unit can be repaired?
A: Since we are specialized in repairing electronics we usually repair more than 90% of all our items that we receive.

Q: How long will it take to repair my item?
A: Most items brought in for repair are fixed within five business days. Older items and unusual items may take a few weeks if there is a wait on specific replacement parts.

Q: Does Advance Video have a guarantee on their repairs?
A: Yes! Of course! all Products that we repair have a 3 months repair warranty on parts and labor. Ask us for details.

If you are a Extended Warranty Company, Distributor, Retail Store, Education or Government Agency and want use our TV repair service, We can work with you !!

Contact us and we can negotiate a contract, we have Experts Technicians and we can do about everything from repair simple TV to the most sophisticate PLASMA TV. Please feel free to ask us about your needs.

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