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Advance-Video is guaranteed to provide you with comprehensive, top of the line, TV repair services. Our expertly trained and certified staff is equipped with a broad skill set and experience in both residential and industrial technologies. They will quickly and honestly diagnose your television woes in any setting and get you back to viewing in comfort. With humble beginnings over 20 years ago, our dedication to professional excellence, technical expertise and customer service has allowed us to grow to several locations all over the country.

DO NOT TRUST YOUR TELEVSION TO LESS QUALIFIED SERVICES. Inexperienced and uncertified technicians may intentionally mislead you to believe your TV is beyond repair to encourage you to buy a new one or replace parts with cheaper models that provide only a temporary fix. We hire only the finest certified technicians that will quickly and honestly diagnose your television and offer you the most cost-effective solution possible. Our relationship with most major brands ensures that we will always provide you with the correct components from the original manufacturer.

 Our services can cover all repairs under you warranty and we can service all brands. Why spend thousands of dollars on a new set when we can extend the life of your current set for years to come and at a fraction of the cost?  Call now for speedy service 888-222-3169. We offer TV Repair in Arlington, TV repair in Austin, TV repair in Dallas, TV repair in Fort Worth, TV repair in Irving
TV repair in San Antonio and many other cities.

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