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Flat Screen Televisions

Flat-screen TVs are very convenient and feature many benefits, such as the ability to mount on the wall. However, flat screens have their share of problems such as a high risk of accidental damage, display defects and repair difficulty.

Broken Sets

The modern sleek and lightweight TV design is an improvement over the large, heavy televisions of the past that sometimes required a few people to lift and set up. However, the lightweight nature of flat-panel TVs leads to an increased risk of accidental turnover. In most cases, this is not a serious concern. As long as your flat-screen TV is securely positioned or mounted, it will be stable. However, flat-screen TVs in high-traffic areas can be knocked over and broken.

Display Problems

Some flat-screen models have manufacturer defects that lead to display problems. Some Vizio models have been the subject of consumer complaints regarding loss of picture, where the screen goes black. Many Polaroid HDTVs in 2007 had several issues with the screen going out, and all LCD TVs have the potential for banding and other issues with light bleed-through.

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